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Do you want to sing along to your music, but don't know the words? Let Lyricus help you. Lyricus automatically downloads and displays lyrics for the music being played in iTunes. It can also download lyrics for whole playlists - or even your entire music library - at once.
Lyricus saves the lyrics to the tracks themselves - which not only speeds up future viewing, but also allows your iPhone/iPod/iPad to display the lyrics natively, without additional software.


  • Close integration with iTunes
  • Automatically displays lyrics for the currently playing track
  • Saves lyrics as track metadata, so that mobile devices and other computers can display them
  • Supports bulk download of lyrics to collections as large as your entire iTunes library
  • Edit lyrics at any time, without leaving Lyricus
  • You can search for any song (including songs not in your library) manually if you wish
  • Do you remember the line, but not the song name? Lyricus supports searching in either direction.

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